Big Gains for Small-Space Tri-Ten Deburring System

Abtex Corp’s Small-Space Deburring System Creates Big Productivity Gains for Automotive Manufacturer

For a long-time customer in the automotive manufacturing industry, Abtex Corp. has used its patented Tri-Ten technology combined with a combination of robotics and a custom-designed circular table to create a powerful system that deburrs nearly 500 fineblanked parts per hour while taking up only 12 square feet of manufacturing floor.


Abtex’s time-tested Tri-Ten technology offers the deburring power of three 10-inch nylon filament abrasive brushes revolving at up to 1500 RPM under a planetary head that moves to deburr the parts without affecting their surface dimensions.

To move the fineblanked parts efficiently through the deburring process in a compact space, Abtex used a 6-axis Fanuc robot to feed a customized, non-magnetic table containing 14 changeable nests that hold parts during deburring. The system incorporates inflow and outflow conveyors to move parts efficiently through the operation.

The system, which currently deburrs a minimum of 480 parts per hour, is designed to efficiently handle twice that volume with no additional equipment required.

About Abtex Corp.
Since 1980, Abtex Corporation has been providing integrated brush/machine deburring solutions to the North American manufacturing industry.  The company supplies filament brushes and custom-designed deburring machines for a wide variety of machined-part, aluminum-extrusion, fine-blanked, and powdered-metal applications. Customers include manufacturers such as automotive Tier 2 & Tier 3 parts producers.

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