Several Displays from TigerStop at FABTECH 2016- Don’t Miss!

TigerStop Will Display Several Machines at FABTECH 2016

TigerStop will be at FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas November 16-18 in booth C50085.

TigerStop will have their namesake TigerStop, the automated material pusher and stop that turns an existing saw, drill or punch into a lean manufacturing asset. TigerStop’s repeatable accuracy gives perfectly cut parts…every time. We will also have our more portable version, SawGear, attached to a Pat Mooney Inc. double miter saw.


Make sure to stop by booth C50085 for a live TigerSaw 2000 demonstration at! TigerSaw 2000 is the perfect fully automated push feed saw station for cutting non-ferrous metals like aluminum. It comes with an adjustable cutting envelope, so you can set the system for the material you cut. It features an air-over-oil drive cylinder to provide saw-stroke control for faster processing and better cut quality and a revolutionary blade misting system giving you smooth cuts, without the expense and mess of a flood lubricant. TigerSaw’s Dynamic Optimization™ software (nesting) will cut the parts you need while achieving the maximum possible yield. Using Crayon Defect Marking™ allows you to remove defects while optimizing your material for the best yield.

Also on display will be the brand new TigerSPC caliper set. TigerSPC is designed to make quality control measurements for parts as long as 16 feet in a snap! TigerSPC makes measuring and documenting your machining processes, in addition to selecting, verifying, and maintaining metrology equipment incredibly easy. TigerSPC makes it simple for your operator, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

TigerTouch will also make an appearance at FABTECH 2016. A live demonstration of the updated software will be given as well. TigerTouch’s powerful touch screen software lets you import, view, and edit cut lists on a touch screen. It can track one cut list at a time on TigerStop and up to three cut lists at a time on the TigerSaw 2000. This allows you to cut multiple grades and widths for three separate lists at the same time, maximizing all of your material. The software is easy to use and train your operators on, and runs on the reliable Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows, for easy compatibility with existing computers and networks.

TigerTurbo, big brother to the TigerStop, offers increased load capacity in an automated positioning system. Just like a TigerStop, TigerTurbo is more accurate than a manual stop. It operates at a faster speed as well, up to 180 feet per minute with its steel reinforced belt. If pushing capacity is your game, TigerTurbo can push 350 lbs. (158 kg) without rollers or 840 lbs. (381 kg) with roller tables. When no other machine can push it, pull it or position it, TigerTurbo gets the job done. TigerStop is bringing the TigerTurbo to FABTECH on a Pat Mooney Inc. Bandsaw.

In addition, the TigerTeam will be giving demos of the HeavyDuty 2 at FABTECH 2016. HeavyDuty 2 big brother to the TigerStop and TigerTurbo, offers higher maximum load capacity vs. other TigerStop products at 2,100 lbs. (952 kg).It positions material to +/- .008 inches (.2mm), giving you perfectly cut parts…every time. You can also configure your TigerSaw 2000 to handle large pack loads up to 2,100 lbs. with the HeavyDuty 2.

TigerStop will have everything mentioned and MORE at FABTECH 2016, including a really cool new Piranha ironworker integration, but we will have more on that later! Stay tuned folks, and we look forward to seeing you November 16th-18th in Las Vegas!

About TigerStop
TigerStop, LLC is a global leader in automated stop/gauge and pusher systems under the TigerStop and SawGear brand names. Headquartered in Washington State, TigerStop is a U.S. manufacturer of products for the cabinet, furniture, construction, fenestration, electronics, plastics and metalworking industries. TigerStop has a second manufacturing and distribution facility in Wierden, Netherlands, a distribution network spanning six continents, and product support in five languages. TigerStop products easily integrate with existing equipment to help optimize and improve the accuracy of all lineal cutting processes.

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