Radwell Int Relocates Headquarters

Radwell International Inc. Relocates Headquarters to Willingboro, NJ

Radwell International, the New Jersey-based global leader in industrial supply surplus, new product, and repair relocates headquarters to 1 Millennium Drive in Willingboro, Burlington County. The company is pleased to announce they have purchased the 311k sq. ft. Medco Facility, previously owned by Express Scripts. All New Jersey operations will be consolidated into this Willingboro facility bringing back the sense of community and family atmosphere that Radwell continually strives for.

Radwell International, Inc
Radwell International, Inc

At full capacity, Radwell International expects to employ 1000 people. This facility will house over 200 state of the art electrical and electronic repair stations, a full CNC metal working shop, a servo motor repair center, a calibration lab, as well as sales, accounting, management, and purchasing departments. With new changes brings new improvements such as the “goods to man” approach that Radwell is adapting. They will now have a robotic automated inventory management system and a robotic shipping and order processing center. In total, the automated conveyor system at Radwell International will total 2 miles!

In terms of amenities at this new facility, Radwell will provide a free health and wellness center complete with a full free gym. Throughout the spacious building will be free arcade games, a pool table, ping pong, shuffle board and cornhole boards. The cafeteria will be the employee’s “home away from the Jersey Shore” featuring picnic tables and benches, swinging hammocks, rocking chairs, AstroTurf, tropical fish, and some of the many arcade and recreational games. Most importantly, the new facility will include a full restaurant with healthy options and hot meals at very friendly prices.

When asked about Radwell International, CEO Brian Radwell states “Radwell International prides itself on its family atmosphere, clean and safe work environment and financially rewarding careers. We have grown since our start in 1979 from just a few people to approximately 1000 dedicated and industry best people. We have facilities in Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas, in the United States as well as International facilities in Canada, England, and Germany. We are consistently growing and creating new opportunities and growth for all of Radwell’s Family Members.”

Radwell International is very grateful for the people that have played a vital role in reaching and surpassing the company’s goals. The company offers many thanks to the town of Lumberton, its tremendous people, the Town Council, and the Fire, Police, and Municipality Departments for its years of support. Radwell will always be an advocate for Lumberton and looks forward to continuing support in future endeavors. Looking forward, Radwell is eager to join the Township of Willingboro and work to establish an upstanding reputation as well as bring revenue and job opportunities to the community. The company looks forward to building a rewarding relationship with the Town Council, Fire, Police, and Municipality Departments. Radwell International supports community outreach both financially and through R.O.C.K., Radwell Operation Caring and Kindness, the Radwell’s volunteer organization.

Radwell has already begun it’s move to Willingboro and expects to be completed by August 2016.

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