A View from the Cloud

ESAB_Cuttingcloud_FeatStoring, sharing, and sending data into the cloud has become commonplace for sharing data and media between devices. Everything from medical information, to your daily Facebook or YouTube binge, all now rely on the cloud.

With the new DATA LEAP CuttingCloud and DATA LEAP CuttingCloud LiveView modules, users of ESAB cutting systems equipped with Vision® Series controls, such as the SGX, Sabre or Hydrocut LX, can gain all the benefits associated with cloud-based systems.

These new modules are easy to install, use and maintain, while letting users access all DATA LEAP tools on any web-enabled device, as well as automatically receive software update notifications and download updates and deploy them to all machines.

Cloud-based Monitoring
With CuttingCloud and CuttingCloud LiveView, users can monitor manufacturing performance of machines automatically and link data to scheduled order and part data for full traceability on material and parts. Users are able to automatically program or set up a part based on a scanned code. Instead of manually inputting information into production processes and record results, one can transfer data automatically and then automatically generate reports that are higher in quality.

Statistics directly from activities on the production floor are taken in real-time, allowing for a much quicker response time to events and errors that are recorded and visualized on cutting machines. Order data and production status can be fully integrated into DATA LEAP’s system.

“ESAB systems are Industry 4.0-read,” says Holger Hahn, Product Manager Application Software, ESAB. “From the first cut to the last weld, ESAB software provides the process transparency and product traceability necessary to drive continuous productivity and quality improvements,”

Because web-based reporting speeds information flow, companies obtain a clearer picture of plant operation. They can eliminate equipment downtime, unscheduled maintenance and process bottlenecks, as well as improve overall equipment effectiveness, speed up time-to-market and streamline schedules. Significant ROI can be expected in six to 12 months.

DATA LEAP software is the new generation of production data management. It gives users an overview of all production flows, an insight into all manufacturing processes and specific indications of untapped potential for optimization in production.

A View from the Clouds

DATA LEAP features intelligent interfaces that interlink all of the production data in a business, across all departments. Operating, machine and quality management data are collected and interlinked. This brings complete transparency to production flows, including order processing, process times and absence periods, so users can see immediately where optimization is possible.

Every business is different, which is why DATA LEAP is composed of clearly defined modules that can be individually combined. There is also a selection of three preconfigured module packages, from a convenient introduction to data management to the professional deployment of all available resources for maximum efficiency.

What is modern production data management?
DATA LEAP visualizes and controls the reporting process for production, machine and product data. Intelligent and smooth processes form the basis of forward-looking production. Production data management as an integrated system is a response to the new demands placed on information management in production. Efficient administration, unlimited flexibility, an increasing range of options, absolute schedule reliability, and shorter delivery times are just some of the advantages of DATA LEAP.

DATA LEAP connects all processes that have a direct impact on the production process. As a complete modular system, DATA LEAP performs the required functions of mediation and communication between the levels within the business. It links the long-term considerations of the business management (ERP system) with the real-time views at the production and automation level. This means that DATA LEAP can also enhance the future competitiveness of the business by optimizing the overall technical processing of orders.

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