Take Engineering and Production Excellence to the Next Level

A transformative view of the industry backed by a right-sized software solution can help ETO companies take engineering and production excellence to the next level. Engineer-to-order companies create incredible value for their customers by putting specialized expertise, innovative engineering, and advanced project manufacturing operations to work. However, many ETO firms are not yet taking advantage of the best modern business management technology. Many ETO companies use specialized, standalone engineering and production systems that are no longer state-of-the-art, and were customized to meet their specific requirements. Almost by definition, these require ongoing investments of labor and funds to keep them useful. For new employees, they can be baffling to learn and navigate. Over years of business and many projects, these inefficiencies usually result in costs and inefficiencies.

ETO and CTO companies should benefit from a software solution that is a better match than either disparate, specialized applications or a large-scale ERP system with a deployment length that may not be acceptable for companies’ intent on generating tangible, quick time to benefit. The right solution can enable ETO companies to configure, price, and deliver customized quotes faster and sell at the speed of now, all while reducing time-to-market and impressing customers.

Industry and technology experts at Sikich have developed an ETO-ready solution and a low-risk, rapid, and predictable approach to deploying it. In this ebook, we discuss how you can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retain talent
  • Improve information accuracy and decision-making ability
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and complexities
  • Select the best configuration software for your business
  • Future-proof your technology and digitally transform your organization
  • And Boost Productivity and sales

From beginning to end, Sikich HEADSTART for ETO unifies the many processes and actions involved in designing, manufacturing, shipping, and servicing an ETO product.

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