Actek Manufacturing

Actek Manufacturing

Q: How would you describe your company’s primary business?
A: Actek’s primary business has always been delivering high quality hoist rings when our customers need it the most. This often means keeping a large amount of stock inventory and having the ability of making specials in an extremely short amount of time.

Q: In brief, what is the history of your company?
A: In 1989, Shu Lan Ma and Fred Pearl saw a need for a tooling component provider in Southern California and opened a small 1,000 square foot shop. It soon became apparent that customers needed a new source of hoist rings, so Actek began making there own line of Safety Engineered hoist rings within two years.

Q: How has Actek changed through the years?
A: Since that time, Actek has grown from 1,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet and now manufactures over 20 different models of hoist rings. Actek also began manufacturing numerous drill bushings and tooling components. Our large inventory has allowed us to provide same day shipping on almost all of our hoist ring products. Our in-house manufacturing and rigorous inspection process has allowed us to maintain some of the highest quality in the industry.

Q: What have been some interesting applications of your products?
A: Actek hoist rings have been used to lift everything from wind turbines and oil rigs to Las Vegas acrobats and NASA space craft. It is always a lot of fun to hear and see all the creative things people lift with Actek hoist rings.

Q: What critical issues do your clients rarely know they have or might encounter?
A: Almost every customer plans for what they want to lift and what they want to lift it with. But many customers don’t think about how they are going to attach their lift until the last second. Planning for this early on can save them time and money by allowing them to go with a standard hoist ring rather than a special one.

Also, many customers don’t realize that most hoist rings can be pulled to their full load rating in any direction, however the load the hoist ring experiences may increase depending on the angle. For example, a hoist ring pulled straight up may experience 1,000 lbs of force in a given application. But pulling that same hoist ring at 45 degrees instead would cause it to experience 1,414 lbs. Our worldwide distributors are very knowledgeable about designing the right hoist ring package for a given lift, and our Customer Service team is always just a phone call or email away.

Q: What do you want to see in the future for the industry?
A: A lot of people are still misusing eyebolts. We get calls every day from companies who have dropped something or had OSHA warn them about an incorrect application. Safety should always be the priority in any workplace, and we at Actek are proud that we can help them lift more safely.

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