SSP Offers Replacements for GORE® EMI Shielding

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) is offering innovative replacements for Gore’s discontinued line of EMI shielding materials. Recently, SSP learned that W.L. Gore & Associates has announced the end-of-life for three well-known shielding, gasketing, and grounding products: GS2100, GS5200, and GS8000. If you’ve been buying these GORE® products for years, now is the time to find a new supplier you can trust.

Already, SSP has received dozens inquiries and is working with former buyers of GORE® EMI shielding gaskets. Our ability to produce thin, low-outgassing, flame-resistant shielding elastomers is in high demand as we anticipate the release of new data sheets with ASTM 595 outgassing and UL94-V0 flame resistance data.

The following sections provide an overview of SSP’s replacement materials for discontinued GORE® EMI shielding. A future SSP white paper will provide full product specifications and test data. An offset guide will explain how SSP materials compare to GORE® products and include a full-color chart to help you with product selection.

SSP-502-40-V0/V1 and GORE® GS2100

SSP-502-40-V0/V1 is a 40-durometer EMI silicone that’s filled with nickel-coated graphite particles and provides UL-94 V1 flame resistance (UL-94 V0 is pending). This SSP shielding silicone is recommended as a replacement material for GORE® GS 2100, a carbon-filled cellular PTFE with a 45-durometer hardness that meets UL-94-V0.

SSP-502-60-V0 and GORE® GS5200

SSP-502-60-V0 is a 60-durometer EMI silicone that’s filled with nickel-coated graphite particles and provides UL-94 V0 flame resistance. It’s recommended as a replacement for GORE® GS2100, a nickel-filled cellular PTFE with a 60-durometer hardness that meets UL-94 V-0.

Corrosion-Resistant Shielding Silicones, Too

If corrosion-resistance is important for your application, please see SSP-2529 and SSP-2551. Both of these flame-resistant, nickel-aluminum elastomers have been tested to MIL-DTL-83528 and are very conductive. SSP-2529 is a 68-duromer silicone. SSP-2551 is a 72-duromter fluorosilicone.

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