Rollomatic Spotlights new Laser Cutting Machine for Ultra-Hard Materials – Model LaserSmart® 810XL

Rollomatic maintains its leadership position in the field of laser cutting ultra-hard materials by announcing the launch of another laser model within its line-up of 3 laser cutting machines. The new model LaserSmart® 810XL with its innovative and powerful lase source has been designed for larger-diameter PCD tools (polycrystalline diamond) and other ultra-hard materials up to dia. 12”, a total length of 14” and a total load capacity of 33 lbs. This machine is built on the success of the Rollomatic LaserSmart® series of machines and particularly addresses the profile cutting and ablation of diamond tooling in the larger diameter range as well as tools with a Monoblock adaptor. The ideal and typical application fields for this machine are the woodworking, automotive and aerospace industries.

These are some benefits which set this model 810XL apart from conventional laser cutting machines:

  • Achieves surface finishes as low as Ra 40 nanometers.
  • Patented axis configuration.
  • Produces crisper and sharper cutting edges compared to conventional laser machines.
  • 30% faster feedrates compared to conventional laser machines.
  • Highly intuitive software based on the successful models 510 and 510femto.
    – Software easily interprets 3D files and data entry. Communicates effortlessly with the
    operator and the machine systems.
    – Automatic blank detection.
    – Auto calculation of the tool structure & auto application of the dxf files to the blanks.
  • 6 internal cameras assist the operator in quick setup and efficient production.
  • High repeatability and near-zero TIR in conjunction with in-process measuring.
  • Produces precise cylindrical margins on any tool size.

About Rollomatic Inc.

Rollomatic Inc., located in Mundelein, Illinois, is a subsidiary company of Rollomatic SA, a privately-owned Swiss company established since 1989 in Le Landeron, Switzerland. The US Headquarter was launched in 1994 to provide local customer service and support throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

This location features a 29,000 sq. ft. building with a showroom and training area as well as warehouse and engineering offices. Our showroom provides an ideal atmosphere for machine demos, software training and test grinding, while offering an opportunity to explore the latest Rollomatic offerings.

Rollomatic is looking to the future with its partners such as the EPFL (Swiss Technical University in research, teaching and innovation) so it can be right at the center of the innovations and in-depth discussions shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. True to its Swiss origins, the company operates at the highest level of precision and offers 100% Swiss-built products and services. Rollomatic is in constant pursuit of excellence in quality and accuracy.