New Antimicrobial Sponge Rubber from Trim-Lok

Trim-Lok announces new Antimicrobial Sponge Rubber that not only meets DIN EN ISO 846 requirements but is also FDA compliant.  Applications include use anywhere that the growth of bacteria on the surfaces must be prevented.  Common applications include gaskets and seals used in medical, hospital, HVAC, refrigeration, transportation, food, pool, gym, and parks and playground equipment, and more.

If your product will come in contact with skin, such as masks for face shields, Trim-Lok also has a line of antimicrobial sponge rubber gaskets and seals that are both EPA and FDA compliant.

About Trim-Lok:

For nearly 50 years, our innovative and traditional processing methods have enabled us to meet the most challenging requirements for top quality plastic and rubber trims and seals.  We adhere to strict quality control standards and invest in modern equipment and highly skilled employees who are experienced in all phases of manufacturing and production so that you can count on reliability, efficiency and repeatability. Our product development team brings high caliber mechanical design, excellent materials knowledge, and strong manufacturing expertise to design parts and tooling. We fabricate them to your exact specifications ensuring performance and value using the latest in 3D CAD software and FEA, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, internal lab testing, onsite fit trials, and more.  From engineering to inspection, Trim-Lok can repeatedly provide complex shapes, within specific tolerances, with extreme accuracy and exacting finishes.  Trim-Lok strives to deliver a full service “solution” and provide a personal hands-on approach to every customer and by going above and beyond the normal supplier service requests.

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