Lachenmeier Introduces Patented Unwind System

Lachenmeier Unwind System
Lachenmeier T1 Stretch Hood Machine

Keeps Stretch Hood Corners Up to 30% Thicker Over Alternative Methods

Lachenmeier, a leading manufacturer of stretch hood equipment, film and shrink wrapping machines, introduces its patented Unwind System (US patent #: US7040076). Unique to Lachenmeier stretch hood machines, the system gathers the film at the corners and unwinds it as the film placed over the load. This process virtually eliminates thin and fragile film on load corners- a feature that is especially important for loads with sharp edges. Compared to other stretch hood systems, Lachenmeier’s Unwind System further keeps film corners roughly 30% thicker. In addition, users can safely incorporate lighter film gauges without compromising load integrity.

“The Unwind System comes standard on all our stretch hood machines,” says Michael Hansen, Business Unit Manager, Lachenmeier North America. “This is a small example of the detail and care we put into our machines to ensure customers achieve optimal load containment.”

Lachenmeier Unwind System
Bagged load wrapped with Lachenmeier stretch hood equipment and film

Lachenmeier systems provide 5-sided waterproof protection- ensuring ideal protection for outdoor storage and eliminating the need for tarping when shipping on flatbed trucks. Coupled with the Unwind System, customers improve their overall load integrity while simultaneously reducing packaging costs.

“We are proud to offer products that help our customers work safer, leaner and smarter,” says Hansen.

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About Lachenmeier
Founded in 1969, Lachenmeier has been committed to providing the global market with high-quality pallet wrapping equipment. With unmatched industry experience in stretch hooding and shrink hooding systems, Lachenmeier manufactures high quality, efficient and cost saving equipment, with the flexibility the global market demands. As a result, the company develops cutting-edge technologies that offer the best pallet wrapping solution for our customers. In 2014, Lachenmeier became part of ITW Muller, a leading stretch wrap equipment and film manufacturer.