KAMAT Presents High Pressure Quintuplex Plunger Pump in XXL Size

With the new quintuplex pump, KAMAT offers users the option of generating large volumetric flow (up to almost 4000 l/min) and high pressure (up to 3500 bar) with a single, easy-to-control pump. This provides cost and efficiency advantages for the operating company. 

The new quintuplex plunger pump with the designation K120000-5G was developed upon requests from customers, primarily from the process and steel industries, for high pressure and ultra-high-pressure pumps with the largest possible volumetric flow. Currently, 10 to 15 identical pumps are sometimes used in these applications, e.g. for descaling rolled steel products. That is not ideal with regard to investment, energy and maintenance costs. KAMAT consequently now expands the existing range of quintuplex pumps (with five plungers) with a model which is 50 % more powerful than the previously strongest pump with 800 kW engine power.

New drive concept with separate industrial gear unit
The drive concept constitutes a crucial design difference of the new 1200 kW pump compared to the previously known KAMAT plunger pumps. Instead of the integrated gear unit with double helical gearing manufactured in-house, an industrial gear unit with a separate housing is now used. This lowers production costs and allows easy adaptation of the gear reduction to the individual requirements, even afterwards. Additional differences KAMAT, quintuplexto the 800 kW pump are the number of crankshaft bearings (six instead of four) and the forced feed oil lubrication for the large crossheads.

The K120000-5G is manufactured with two different head types. In the ultra-high pressure version, for example, it provides a maximum flow of 158 l/min at a pressure of 3500 bar, or 407 l/min at 1530 bar. If the application focuses on maximum delivery rate, the pump (with a different head type) achieves a maximum of 3939 l/min at 115 bar (with 900 kW) or 155 bar (with 1200 kW). 

High energy efficiency across a wide control range
Although the design with the separate industrial gear unit requires a larger packaging space than for the smaller quintuplex pumps with integrated gear unit, the 1200 kW plunger pump is still very compact. And it runs with a high level of energy efficiency, as this is one of the advantages offered by plunger pumps by design. In addition, they run quietly and with little vibration and can easily be adapted to the volumetric flow required in each case – in a speed range from 0 to 100 % depending on rod force and oil pressure. This creates the basis for very economically efficient running of the pump in partial load operation. The flow here is not controlled with circulation valves in a “black-and-white” principle, but with an electronically controlled speed change of the pump. This significantly reduces wear because pump, pipes and valves are under much less strain.

Following the economy of scales, the operating company can use the K120000-5G to cover a constellation of three ultra-high-pressure pumps (master, slave and standby) – which is common in the oil and gas industry, water hydraulics and for descaling – with only three pumps even if very high volumetric flows are required. This reduces energy consumption and maintenance work. In principle, it is even possible to use only two pumps instead of three for these applications. As KAMAT plunger pumps reliably achieve an availability of 98.9 % (based on six-monthly servicing with replacement of wear parts such as oil seals and high-pressure seals), operating companies can omit the standby pump if they can work with just one pump for only 20 hours per year.


About KAMAT GmbH

For more than 40 years, KAMAT GmbH with its head office in Witten, Germany, has been the world’s leading system supplier for high-pressure technology. The product range includes high-pressure pumps and pump systems, hydraulic valves, rotating joints as well as accessories for the pressure transport of different liquids in process technology, water hydraulics and high-pressure water jet technology for working pressures up to 3500 bar and power inputs up to 800 kW per pump. Besides the standard products of pumps and systems, KAMAT designs and supplies customised units and systems, especially based on the requirements of the respective application. With a team of highly qualified developers, the innovation leader continuously further develops the high-pressure technology and sets new standards worldwide. Main customers are service contractors in all industrial sectors but also direct customers in the chemical, petrochemical and steel industries and in the fields of shipbuilding, process engineering, energy, structural and civil engineering. KAMAT is also the world’s market leader for special pumps for underground coal mining.

The company was founded in 1974 as the European branch of a big American pump manufacturer and sold in 1979 to the Managing Director at that time, Dipl.-Ing. Karl Sprakel. Today, KAMAT GmbH, managed by Dipl.-Ing. Jan Sprakel and Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wahl, employs more than 100 people in Witten. With partners in over fifty countries on all continents, the family-owned company ensures excellent customer service all around the globe. More than 80 % of the turnover are achieved abroad.

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