Expanded End Mill Selection

Dormer End Mills – Optimizing and expanding your selection

To add to our vast assortment of cutting tools, we are expanding the Dormer branded end mills.

Optimizing our brands to make your selection process easier is a top priority as we continue our cutting tool expansion. We are focusing the strong Precision Twist Drill brand on what it has become globally recognized for – the outstanding range of drills. The solid carbide end mills within the Precision Twist Drill brand will be transitioned to the Dormer brand.

The same will hold true for the HSS and HSCo end mills within the Union Butterfield brand, these too will be transitioned to the Dormer brand. Our Union Butterfield brand will be focused primarily on the strong recognition and outstanding selection of Taps in our portfolio.

We have launched an easy-to-use tool on our website for customers to click and select the Dormer equivalent of the current Precision Twist Drill or Union Butterfield end mill.

Not only are we optimizing all end mills under one brand but we are also increasing the quantity of current Dormer end mills. We are expanding our solid carbide range to include radius corner and variable helix/pitch 4 & 5 flute end mills. Stay tuned for future end mill product expansions as we move forward with the Dormer brand recognition.

In looking to expand your end mill assortment, you can build confidence in tool selection and availability through our new Dormer end mills range.

Click HERE to browse our comprehensive Dormer end mill selection.

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