Black Jack by Big Ass Fans

Unrivaled Airflow on the Go 

Customers said they wanted a portable fan big enough to provide serious airflow, but small enough to go wherever they need a breeze – indoors or out. 

Big Ass Fans® delivered with Black Jack. 

Big Ass Fans - Black JackDesigned with versatility in mind, Black Jack and its 6.5-ft (2-m) frame fits through standard interior doorways and plugs into any 110V power supply, drawing less power than a toaster—only 7 amps at top speed. 

Black Jack moves air up to 120 feet (36.5 meters) – one-third the length of a football field – yet it’s so quiet it won’t drown out nearby conversations. 

The attractive, matte-black finish makes it perfect for events such as weddings and commencement ceremonies, where comfort is necessary, style is appreciated and silence is golden. It’s also ideal for athletic facilities, warehouses and tight corners just about anywhere. 

Arriving fully assembled, Black Jack is a plug-and-play air movement solution. Just roll it off the pallet, plug it in and cool down. 

Black Jack is also wet rated, so it can be hosed down for easy cleaning. 

Additional features and benefits: 
• 25-ft (7.6-m) power cord extends versatility and mobility
• Gearless direct-drive motor keeps Black Jack quiet and energy efficient
• Comes standard with indoor/outdoor wheels with rubber tread
• Variable speed controller offers fully adjustable airflow
• Locking wheels keep Black Jack in place even on the highest settings
• Steel frame and cage provide protection in the toughest environments 

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