Bionetix Biosurfactant Treatment Naturally Cleans Oil Spills

Bionetix ® Biosurf Uses Nature to Clean Oil Spills on its Own Surf and Turf!

Biosurf is a new biosurfactant treatment from Bionetix ® International designed to help naturally clean up the thousands of oil spills that happen annually! It offers high dispersing power and acts as a strong biostimulant to promote hydrocarbon degradation.

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Biosurf is an excellent alternative to synthetic surfactants and dispersants commonly used to disperse oil slicks. Surfactants work by breaking oil apart into smaller droplets that are more accessible to natural biodegradation processes. However, their safety is questioned. In contrast, Biosurf is a non-toxic biosurfactant extracted from plants and fortified with micronutrients that speed up natural biodegradation.

Spraying dispersants is sometimes the only method for removing floating oil that endangers aquatic life and sensitive shorelines. While natural wave action eventually breaks and disperses the layer of oil on the sea surface, the use of Biosurf speeds up the process in a more sustainable manner than synthetic dispersants. Synthetic dispersants may remain on the sea floor and bio-accumulate into the food chain, but biosurfactants are themselves biodegradable and break down into harmless by-products.

Biosurf contains an all-natural Rhamnolipid dispersant that can be sprayed on oil slicks or on spills on soil or hard surfaces. It can be used to disperse oil on beaches, rocks, and sea walls, and is especially effective when combined with BCP 35S, which contains organisms that degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons. Old oil spills weathered by rain and other environmental factors raise special difficulties by sequestering hydrocarbon contaminants in the deep pores of soil particles, making them less bioavailable to natural microorganisms. Biosurf safely and naturally increases the bioavailability of these aging spills for enhanced cleanup.

Biotreatment with Biosurf can:

  • Help disperse surface oil slicks
  • Reduce shoreline hydrocarbon deposits
  • Disperse submerged crude oil spills
  • Help make hydrocarbons bioavailable to microorganisms for biodegradation
  • Provide micronutrients to speed up biodegradation

Whether for soil, slick, or shoreline, the natural power of Biosurf is an important tool to more swiftly and safely disperse oil spills. Biosurf uses nature to clean its own surf and turf!

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