Allied Reliability Introduces SmartCBM IIoT Condition-Based Maintenance

Launch Event December 10, 2018 at IMC-2018

Allied Reliability announced the introduction of SmartCBM, its breakthrough IIoT condition-based maintenance solution, on December 10, 2018 at IMC-2018, the International Maintenance Conference. SmartCBM combines IIoT architecture with Allied’s expertise in reliability engineering and data analytics to monitor asset health in real-time, enabling proactive decisions that deliver increased uptime and improved productivity.

Nearly every part in any asset, plant, or system is represented in Allied Reliability’s proprietary Failure Mode Library. It is derived from analysis of over 3 million components from within over 1500 facilities and identifies common components, parts, failure reasons, and inspection technologies that detect the defects causing the failure. This makes SmartCBM by Allied Reliability the most intelligent condition based monitoring program in the industry.

“Allied Reliability’s proprietary Failure Mode Library makes SmartCBM unique,” said Jay Burnette, Allied Reliability President & CEO. “Nearly every component part found in any equipment asset, system, or plant is represented in our Failure Mode Library. We built this database by analyzing over 3 million components at more than 1500 facilities during a 20-year period. SmartCBM leverages this data set to deliver early diagnosis of defects, identify the root cause of failures, and prescribe corrective actions.”

SmartCBM offers flexible configuration options for data collection, data analysis, visualization and expert support. SmartCBM optionally integrates with the PTC ThingWorx platform for a complete IIoT solution, enabling the visualization of condition and process data.

About Allied Reliability

Allied Reliability is a recognized industry leader in reliability solutions and support, encompassing Maintenance & Reliability Engineering and Asset Health Management. Allied Reliability delivers sustainable productivity gains to manufacturing and process facilities by applying industry-leading practices, software applications, inspection services, custom-designed engineered products, and aftermarket repair services.

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