The 3-Dimensional Services Group Addresses Sustainability and Turns “Green” in Celebration of Its 30th Year

Company pledges to be a corporate partner with the Arbor Day Foundation and its commitment to planting trees along with implementing sustainable initiatives within the group of companies

The 3-Dimensional Services Group, a leading production-intent prototype and low-volume production firm will honor its 30th Anniversary with an Arbor Day Foundation corporate partnership and initiative of financial support to plant 100,000 trees in Michigan. The effort headlines the company’s commitment to the sustainability of our resources.

As part of the 3-Dimensional Group’s commitment to sustainability, the company has commenced a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest member nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees. Since 1972, the Foundation has planted almost 500 million trees worldwide.

Trees are increasingly seen as a powerful way to reverse the damage done by climate change and address the urgency of preserving the necessities of life – like clean air and water, healthy food, and a livable climate.

Through the Arbor Day Foundation, the company has committed to planting over 30,000 trees in Michigan State Forests along with 61,565 trees in the Huron-Manistee National Forest in April and May as well as 8,435 trees in Michigan school properties during the spring and fall of 2022.

Together with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, The 3-Dimensional Services Group is striving to replant Michigan’s state lands on a large scale. This project will replant native stands of Jack Pine and Red Pine, with a small percentage of White Spruce and Eastern White Pine also incorporated. But most importantly, these trees mean forests across Michigan will see improved habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including deer, turkey, grouse, and — most notably — the Kirtland Warbler. With thousands of lakes and miles of sparkling rivers and streams, the Huron-Manistee National Forests epitomize the splendid beauty of the Great Lakes region. The trees will also serve as a habitat for Shorebirds, Gulls, Eagles, Hawks, Loons, and other area wildlife. By partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, Trees for School Forests will plant more than 110,000 trees at 10 school forests in Michigan. The goal is to reduce runoff into the Great Lakes and teach more than 1,000 students how trees protect water quality. This program will help to restore watersheds, maintain healthy ecosystems and address non-point source pollution.

Further, the company continues to add to its commitment to sustainability by using LED lights in all its manufacturing facilities, and by implementing a reclaimed and reprocessed water retention filtration system.

According to Doug Peterson, Founder, and CEO, “We’re proud and very pleased to be working with the Arbor Day Foundation. Although we are a manufacturer, we’ve always kept a close eye on how to maintain an environmentally-conscious balance. In the early days of our company, we used battery-operated golf carts to get customers and workers to and from our plants and still do today, and we used hydrogen-powered pickup trucks to deliver completed parts to our customers. Today, we’re playing a key role in automotive electrification by working with industry leaders and disruptors to accelerate its adoption. It’s good to see that we continue to keep an eye on sustainability as we grow.”

3-Dimensional Services, the original company within the group, started in 1992 with five employees and now with numbers over 600. The group is a full-service

accelerated manufacturing firm that specializes in “on-demand” development manufacturing, production-intent prototype parts and lower-volume production runs for industries such as military, automotive, aerospace, furniture, medical, communication, biomedical research, energy, household appliances, packaging, and toys. The group covers seven facilities and boasts over 500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

The company’s capabilities include bridge tooling, prototyping, fabricating, laser processing, CNC machining, plastic injection molding, assembly, patterns, and models.

The company thrives on investing in the latest technologies to provide leading-edge services to its customers. It was a pioneer in the use of industrial laser processing and rapid prototyping technology (think 3-D printing) and was one of the first prototype shops in the U.S. to develop its own laser welding assembly machine.

The companies within the group include 3-Dimensional Services, Urgent Design & Manufacturing, Urgent Plastic Services, and Michigan Integrated Technologies located in Rochester Hills and Lapeer, Michigan.

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About 3-Dimensional Services

The 3-Dimensional Services Group, consisting of 3-Dimensional Services, 3-Dimensional Services Europe, Urgent Plastic Services, and Urgent Design & Manufacturing, provides rapid manufacturing services that allow them to engineer and build functional prototype parts and low-to-medium volume production parts up to 70% faster than industry standards. Our capabilities include virtually all manufacturing processes, including CNC machining, stamping, laser cutting, and welding, plastic injection molding, robotic and spot welding, waterjet, hydroforming, tube bending, vibration welding, casting and pattern fabrication, RIM tooling, SLA, and SLS rapid prototyping, to name some.