Siemens presents new innovations in direct robotic control at AUTOMATE 2022

direct robotic control

The SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control application allows machine tool users to integrate the mechanical robot model into the CNC for machine interaction and control.
As a result, no additional robot controller is required. This direct control concept significantly simplifies the configuration of the controller hardware and optimizes the spare parts management process.

direct robotic controlPreviously, a separate controller was needed to run a robot, due to the specific manufacturers’ control logic and language onboard such devices. With the Siemens system, the robot is run on a second channel of the CNC, thereby eliminating the need for additional hardware and software. In practical application, training is simplified, as the program is integrated into the CNC and programmed directly on the SINUMERIK control, the manufacturing industry standard for advanced technology.

With the introduction of this Direct Control concept, the complete spectrum of CNC and drive functionality is utilized. The result is a seamless integration of robot kinematics, as well as easier commissioning and configuration of the software during program preparation and implementation.

In use, SINUMERIK Run MyRobot /Direct Control allows the CNC to control the robot arm drive system and contains safety functions typically performed by an external robot controller. In addition, robotic movements are programmed entirely on the CNC operator panel (HMI).

Integrating control of the robot arm into the CNC helps improve path and positioning accuracy as well as operational reliability. It can also yield enhanced dynamic response during robot-aided machining tasks. As a result, the robot can undertake more challenging machining assignments, while users can take advantage of the compact hardware, simplified engineering and quick commissioning.

To simplify the engineering process even further, complete configuration for all Direct Control-supported robot arms is stored in the Sizer engineering tool from Siemens. The same high level of convenience is offered with robot commissioning. Data sets for the relevant mechanics are made available by the robot manufacturer and simply imported on a channel of the SINUMERIK control. A further expansion of the system capabilities onboard the machine includes running supplementary axes of motion, such as a mandrel, in addition to the primary robot axes.

The SINUMERIK CNC from Siemens also now includes practical support for other engineering functions. Digital twins are available for Direct Control-compatible robot arms to enable work in Siemens NX CAM Robotics. The kinematic 3D robot model and the virtual NC kernel (Siemens VNCK) enable sub-programs generated in the CAD-CAM chain to be completely simulated offline.

Additional benefits to this enhancement are the reduced footprint thanks to the elimination of hardware components, a lower overall investment and reduced stocking costs for spare parts.

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