Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental Pavilion at IMTS 2022 Features Solutions to Keep Shops Running

The solutions exhibiting in the Machine Components/ Cleaning/Environmental Pavilion at IMTS (the International Manufacturing Technology Show) are essential for shops to optimize uptime, efficiency, and compliance. Visitors to IMTS 2022, which runs Sept. 12-17 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, can expect to discover game-changing solutions from more than 200 booths in the pavilion, which is located in the East Building. Exhibitors such as Hennig, Ewellix, Balluff, Master Fluid Solutions, KYZEN Corporation, and Ecoclean will highlight the latest components to run, service, and monitor machines, as well as solutions necessary for safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Many exhibitors will be focusing on plug-and-play modularity, integrated automation, the application of real-time data management to reduce consumable waste, and cleaning methods that reduce user exposure and provide increased recycling and reclamation.

“Visitors come to IMTS 2022 because they can find solutions for every step of their manufacturing process,” says Peter R. Eelman, chief experience officer at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, which owns and produces IMTS. “People plan a visit to the Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental Pavilion to find products for mist management, air purification, chip removal, parts washing, deburring, and other standard tasks, but then discover completely new technologies to improve operational efficiency or environmental friendliness.”

Machine Components

Hennig (IMTS booth #338592) will feature the Portable Sludge Sucker, a mobile cyclonic coolant filtration system that can move easily around the shop to remove, filter, and replace coolant in machines for minimal downtime.

“Since machine coolant typically needs to be changed every six to eight weeks, and it takes your machine down for the day, our new system allows you to wait three to six months before having to clean out the coolant, keeping the machine online longer and extending the life of your coolant for three to six months,” says Nick Goellner, vice president of sales and marketing at Hennig.

Another product to add to the growing list of eco-friendly products at IMTS 2022 is the actuator, which moves and positions equipment in robotic and automatic processes such as robotic arms.

Until recently, actuators were either air-powered (pneumatic) or oil-powered (hydraulic), but now electric actuators are growing in the industry. Ewellix (IMTS booth #135242) will be featuring its high-performance CASM electric actuator line, which has superior energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and power.

“An electric actuator is similar to an electric vehicle in several ways,” says Sean Feyrer, director of sales, North America, Ewellix. “They only consume power when they need it, and the motor turns off when you stop. They’re also regenerative like an EV; for example, when the actuator is retracting under load, power is generated for the battery. Also, electric actuators have no valves, pumps, hoses, or clamps, and do not require oil.”

Sensors are getting smarter. They can generate data about themselves and self-diagnose problems. Balluff (IMTS booth #134637) will highlight its family of smart automation and monitoring (SAM) sensors.

“I would estimate that about 15%-25% of sensors have some kind of smart functionality right now, and that’s growing by the month,” says Tom Knauer, global industry manager at Balluf. “One of the things that has enabled these smarter sensors is networking them all together in gateways, which has increased the amount of data they can process in real time or near real time.”

Clean and Green

When it comes to cleaning parts, foam can often be a challenge that hinders performance. It interferes with the cleaning process and is a common byproduct of high-pressure washing and interaction with some soils. At IMTS 2022, Master Fluid Solutions (IMTS booth #431956) will feature a line of aqueous low-foam cleaners.

“The trend in parts cleaning is lower temperatures and a more powerful, targeted spray, which produces more foam,” says Justin Geach, global OEM/business development manager at Master Fluid Solutions. “Our cleaners minimize foam, even at ambient temperatures in next generation, extremely high-pressure parts cleaning and deburring machines.”

KYZEN Corporation (IMTS booth #121121) will be featuring new solvents designed for vacuum degreasing machines that incorporate spray, ultrasonics, and rotation.

“A new cleaning process has emerged that takes advantage of the best aspects of solvent cleaning and minimizes the trade-offs,” says Tom Forsythe, executive vice president at Kyzen. “Vacuum vapor degreasing takes place in a sealed vessel and uses a series of solvent immersion, spray, and rinses followed by a vacuum dry, and virtually nothing leaks out to the environment. By nature of the sealed system, nearby operators are not exposed to any emissions.”

Another new cleaning concept featured at IMTS 2022 is Ecoclean’s (IMTS booth #236756) new UCM SmartLine, a modular cleaning system that provides multiple options for high-precision cleaning.

“Because our system is modular, it is highly flexible and can be configured for a wide range of applications and adapted to changing market conditions at any time,” says Sandro Siminovich, U.S. director of sales, Ecoclean. “Due to increasingly complex part geometries, changes in manufacturing processes, and changing environmental regulations, the demands on cleaning equipment have to be able to adapt easily.”

About AMT and IMTS

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest and longest-running manufacturing technology trade show in the United States. It is held every other year at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. IMTS 2022 will run Sept. 12-17. The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), which produces IMTS, represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members – those who design, build, sell, and service the continuously evolving technology that lies at the heart of manufacturing.