New Modular Feed Slide Assembly Program from SUHNER

Modular slide assembly program integrates high rigidity for demanding applications in precision and quality.

SUHNER has redesigned the entire precision feed slide program with an emphasis on product performance and cost benefits to the customer. Once again, SUHNER delivered on this promise with an impressive number of design improvements such as rigidity and compact design, including a variety of optional slide assembly features and accessories.

The SUHNER feed slide program is based on a modular design concept and includes four basic slide sizes. Within the four size classes, there are a number of different stroke lengths
(see table 1) and up to four different feed options such as:

  • pneumatic feed with external hydraulic brake cylinder, with or without peck-feed function
  • pneumatic feed with integrated brake cylinder which allows feed control over the entire stroke length
  • Hydraulic for higher feed forces
  • CNC-controlled, servo motor and pre-loaded nut & ball screw

Suhner, slide assembly program, slide assemblyWhile SUHNER slide assemblies offer a number of standard features, there are additional options such as central lubrication for right or left hand slide lubrication, cam rail and switch assembly including telescopic or bellow type way covers. This standard program is adaptable anytime project specific requirements change, for example:
Stroke length or a different kind of feed and many more.

Is it advantageous to design and build your own feed system?

With the SUHNER customer advantage in mind, this question can be answered with an easy NO, thank you.  Built on simplicity with standardized and modular feed slide components, SUHNER slides assemblies can be delivered in a very short time. Spare parts availability is guaranteed for 10 years, which can put your maintenance team at ease. In addition, the creation of a certified operating manual can be avoided. It is provided with the product delivery and includes additional resources for technical and manufacturing support.

Suhner, slide assembly program, slide assemblyTwo rails, four pre-loaded bearing blocks and a robust ball screw are nested inside a low profile base and saddle design, made to withstand the toughest test in manufacturing over many years without compromising quality or performance.

Suhner feed slides are designed based on a modular system and are tailored for the application of the SUHNER spindle program, an ideal combination for many different drilling and milling operations.

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