Chevalier Machinery Line-up for South-tec 2015

A wide range of Chevalier machines offering superior solutions at competitive prices will be on the Charlotte Convention Center floor.

Decision makers seeking to research and purchase innovative machinery will be stopping by Booth 1130 in the Charlotte Convention Center to learn how Chevalier’s unique line of products deliver the best solutions in a competitive market. Chevalier’s extremely knowledgeable engineers will be on hand to provide new insights and answer questions as a number of machines run through their cycles all three days in Charlotte.

The machines at the show include the New EM2033L VMC, FBL-200 lathe, Smart-B818III profile grinder and the FSG-1224ADIII fully automatic grinder. All will be running cycles cutting air.

Here is the machine line-up at South-tec:

New EM Series – More BANG For Your Buck! (Pricing Peaks At $59,800)
The NEW EM Series is a high-speed VMC with a cost savings that hammers the competition. It delivers more bang for your buck and increases your production capabilities. The series is engineered with efficiency to satisfy the need for large quantity machining with
limited floor space. Choose from three models: EM1620L, EM2033L and EM2040L. Prices start at only $48,500 for the EM1620L.

Think this offer is too good to be true? Think that we’ve made a number of compromises to lower the price? Not so! It’s the real deal. There is nothing sacrificed or compromised in our new EM Series. The major parts of the machine are constructed of high-quality
Meehanite cast iron, which offers superior stability. The machine’s base is supported by full-travel, enabling it to be suitable for high-speed machining. All three axes are built with high-speed linear ways, providing smooth quick movement without delay.

The series provides fast interpolation, minimizing machining time with high, rapid speed, up to 1,889.7ipm. All three axes are driven by preloaded P3 ballscrews and super fast linear ways. The powerful 20HP spindle motor handles up to 10,000rpm, producing an
attractive finish surface in high speed, with enough torque in lower rpm. Tool capacity is up to 24 tools, with a random-tool, double-arm tool change.

The series is loaded with features: FANUC 0iMD; color 8.4″ LCD that has simultaneous contouring; linear-circular-helical interpolation and canned cycles for drilling, tapping and profiling, all with FANUC drives and motors. Plus, a two-year FANUC warranty.

FBL-200 – Slant Bed Lathe With Box Ways (Pricing Starts At $59,950)
The newly designed FBL-200 boasts a 45-degree, slant-bed rigid box ways structure. Its ribbed-Meehanite, cast-iron, mono-blocking fabrication provides strong support and excellent damping absorption that helps resist deflection and vibration during heavy machining. The FBL-200 is engineered with ease of access and trouble-free maintenance in mind. Its compact design minimizes floor space. It’s the best machine in the market for mixed volume, short-run or dedicated high-volume applications. The FBL-200 slant bed lathe features an 8″ chuck, 18.5″ maximum swing diameter with 10.2″ maximum turning diameter and a maximum turning length up to 16″. The lathe features an up-to 20HP AC digital spindle motor. The spindle bar capacity is 2.55″ in diameter, with speeds up to 3,500rpm. The 10-station turret offers fast tool indexing. Model comes with a powerful FANUC 0i-TD control and digital servo drive and motor. This new control provides the most popular functions, including a rigid tap, multiple threads and a conversational Manual Guide 0i program.

SMART-B818III – New fully automatic grinder
The new SMART-B818III is capable of producing “mirror” surface finishes on highly accurately ground workpieces that result in microfinishes of 5 RMS. The positioning accuracy is 0.0025mm and the grinding accuracy is 1 micron. The SMART’s movements are programmable in increments of 0.001mm and include a table size of 8″ x 8″. The maximum distance from table to spindle centerline is 18″ and wheel spindle is rated at 500-7,000RPM and 3kw (4HP). The SMART’s standard grinding wheel size is 8″ x .5″ x 1.25″. The machine weighs approximately 2,665 lbs., with dimensions of 80.9″ x 82.36″ x 82.7″. The SMART’s
PC-based control, combined with a user-friendly conversational TaskLink and constant contact dressing function, makes it easy to learn and operate.

FSG-1224ADIII – New surface and profile CNC grinder
The new FSG-1224ADIII Series is a highly advanced, automatic-precision, surface grinding machine that offers improved accuracy and quality and ease of operation. This series includes the new touch-screen control station that is adjustable to a comfortable position for the operator. Switches, buttons, LEDs and indicating lamps are all combined in a touch display that is ergonomically positioned to provide the best user-friendly operation. The FSG-1224ADIII Series includes a new PLC controller that provides a grind cycle with rough grinding, fine grinding, spark-out passes and an automatic over-wheel dresser with compensation, which can be added to fully automate the grind process. After the cycle is finished, the table will “park” either left or right of the saddle and at the front to facilitate unloading and loading. The spindle can be set to “stop running” or “continue running.” The wheel head can also be set to return to the start position or to park at a reference point. Once the cycle is started, the wheel head will move rapidly to the start point and repeat the grind cycle. If material is required to be removed from both sides, “flip over” can be selected, so the wheel head position is at the finished grind height, which immediately commences grinding without touching off.

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