As an independent, family-owned company, TRUMPF acts long-term. Innovations span over six decades and have enabled the company to grow to more than 50 locations and 10,000 employees worldwide, with sales in excess of $3 billion. In 2016, TRUMPF will expand once again, with a new location in North America.

In October 2015, TRUMPF purchased approximately five acres of land adjacent

to Interstate Highway 90 in Hoffman Estates, a northwestern suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Located within one of the core zones of the sheet metal business in North America, this site will serve as the future home of the TRUMPF Technology Center and the center of excellence for Industry 4.0.

The new Technology Center will be the industry-leading facility with a strong focus on integrating automation, material and information flow with machine tools. It will also feature TRUMPF’s latest technologies designed to benefit manufacturers and the next generation of manufacturing engineers. The state-of-the-art facility will combine an innovative automation center with research and development, driving towards “one piece flow” sheet metal production capabilities.

TRUMPF Chicago

The TRUMPF Technology Center will be approximately 50,000 square feet, based on the most recent concept plans. Visitors will include those from North America, Europe and Asia for system and machine demonstrations and to observe and be part of live sheet metal production with highly-automated and flexible machine tools and processes.

TRUMPF is the largest manufacturer of fabricating equipment and industrial lasers in North America, offering its customers innovative, high-quality machine tools and solutions for sheet metal processing, laser-based production processes and electronic applications. These technologies are used in the manufacture of a diverse array of products, from vehicles, building technology and mobile devices, to state-of-the-art power, data storage components, and commercial and residential appliances.

TRUMPF is the world market and technology leader in fabricating machinery and industrial lasers for flexible sheet metal processing. Products manufactured with the company’s technology can be found in almost every sector of industry.

TRUMPF Inc. is the largest subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group and is dedicated to serving the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets.

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