With the Mindsphere application, Manage MyMachines, users can increase the productivity, reliability and availability of their machines. Connections can be easily configured, and machine status, operating mode and program status can be quickly ascertained — no matter where the machine is located.

Siemens is presenting its full portfolio of machine control hardware, software, and cloud-based services to the fabrication industry. The special highlight of this Siemens is the new Sinumerik Motion Control (MC) system — an open, industrial PC-based controller with embedded CNC and PLC in a Windows® 10 environment.

Also included are end-to-end solutions for additive manufacturing and digitalization, its high-level flagship Sinumerik 840D sl CNC for robotic application, plus the Manage MyMachines application running on Mindsphere, the Siemens Cloud for industry.

Manage MyMachines can remotely connect to machine builders and end-users as well as Siemens Technical Application Centers located around the globe to show machine status, operating mode and program status in real-time. Machine builders and end-users are able to accurately monitor machine performance for their globally installed base or factory production network located around the world. This provides a clear picture for the assessment of machine performance, predictive maintenance and OEE.

Sinumerik Run MyVNCK allows users to create their own control-specific virtual world by embedding the original CNC kernel into a virtual machine and then seamlessly integrating it into their normal product development process.

The latest developments in the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC and its Virtual NC Kernel (VNCK) are included, as well. With Sinumerik Run MyVNCK, machine users can create their own control-specific virtual world by embedding the original CNC kernel into a virtual machine. This allows users to seamlessly plan, verify and optimize their production steps in a virtual environment while avoiding possible programming errors and collisions. This technology can be applied towards OEM applications in laser-cutting, waterjet, deburring, bending and more.

Siemens is presenting its new industrial PC-based controller, Sinumerik MC, for the fabrication industry. With its Integrated CNC, PLC and Windows® 10 operating system, it offers machine builders a customizable user interface and powerful motion control for fabrication applications.

For machine builders, the Digital Twin concept means there is no need to fabricate a single structure as the entire machine’s functionality and kinematics can be formulated, tested and experienced in real-world conditions — all in a virtual environment. This Siemens development greatly reduces the design, commissioning and training time as a machine builder’s customer can use the machine in simulated production prior to its build phase.

This concept applies equally to automation hardware such as robotics. Sinumerik Run MyRobot runs as a direct control of the machine through the Sinumerik CNC onboard — eliminating the need for a second controller as the robot program functions through the second channel on the CNC. Higher efficiencies are achieved along with reduced hardware plus setup, training and maintenance time-savings. For both the machine builder and end-user, the additional benefits of a smaller footprint and greater cell productivity are realized.

Lastly, Siemens offers its end-to-end solutions for additive manufacturing. Working together with several machine builders, Siemens is already involved in the motion control of this emerging manufacturing segment.

Siemens Messaging Experts (SMEs) in the areas of digitalization, additive manufacturing, robotics, CNC automation, drives and motors are available to discuss the full range of manufacturing solutions with machine builders and end-users in the fabrication industry.

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