New WALTER HELISET PLUS Dramatically Shortens Tool Processing Times

Manual measuring system shaves up to 30% off complex tool production cycles 

UNITED GRINDING introduces the HELISET PLUS, a new manual measuring system from WALTER that contributes to the reduction of complex tool machining time by as much as 30 percent. Once integrated into tool production processes, the HELISET PLUS concurrently performs measurement operations previously done in separate tool preparation areas or within the machine that actually produces the tool.

The HELISET PLUS works seamlessly with WALTER machines, such as the HELITRONIC DIAMOND EVOLUTION, that process extremely complex cutting tools using both grinding and electrical discharge erosion operations.

United Grinding, Walter, HelisetFor ease of use, the new measuring system features an intuitive user interface and touchscreen operation. A live front light image of the tool being processed provides fast positioning of measuring points as well as a clear representation of cutting edges already measured, all of which allows shops to operate the HELISET PLUS immediately and without the need for programming. Resulting XML data output from the measuring system then instantaneously transfers to Walter Window Mode software within WALTER grinding/eroding machines or to WALTER CNC measuring machines – such as the HELICHECK – to save valuable tool processing time.

HELISET PLUS measures tools up to 350 mm in diameter and 400 mm long. The system includes, in addition to a workstation, a manual axis adjustment, an ISO 50 spindle as well as a back light camera with 45x magnification and a front light. In the near future, the HELISET PLUS will gain the capability to also measure grinding wheels.

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