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NEW PRODUCT: Digital Static Meter for Measuring and Identifying Sources of Static

EXAIR’s Model 7905 Digital Static Meter provides an easy-to-use, handheld tool for measuring and identifying sources of static in your processes. Static electricity can wreak havoc in manufacturing processes affecting product quality, by causing jamming or tearing, as well...

Industry Updates

Exact Metrology Demonstrated Laser Technology at Trade Show

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company and a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, exhibited at the Turbo &...

Universal Robots Reports Record Annual Revenue of over $300M

Universal Robots, the Danish producer of collaborative robots, has reported record annual revenue of USD 311M, 41% up on 2020 and 23% up on...






On TRAK to Industry 4.0

Job shop owners know digitalization is coming. Now, they have a familiar and trusted machine tool partner to help them meet the challenge.“There’s the...


Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sustainability

When today’s consumers are evaluating their options, they’re figuring sustainability and the product’s carbon footprint into the evaluation process. A report by IBM and...

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Torsional vibration challenges with rotating machinery, troubleshooting

Developing a digital twin of rotating machines requires a clear understanding of the rotor dynamics and the various types of measurement techniques used to...

Safety & maintenance

Machine Tools Learn to Improve Thanks to AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can analyze performance data and deliver optimization results that exceed what human beings can accomplish. For data giant...

Human-Centered Design Drives Latest Generation of High-Performance HMIs

For decades, operators in manufacturing facilities have relied on Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for a visual overview of their process systems to monitor critical...

CNC Machining: Problem Solving Spindle Repair Shops Boost the Bottom Line

With CNC machine tool spindles essential to any drilling, milling, boring, grinding, routing, cutting, or sawing process, many manufacturers and machine shops rely on...

5 Benefits of Video Management Software for Manufactures

The operation of any manufacturing facility can be complex regardless of the industry and geographical location. Fortunately, for companies that want to maintain a...

Enhanced Transparency at the Digital Enterprise

Siemens new Manage MyMachines, is one of the MindApps within the rapidly emerging Mindsphere concept.  This cloud-based “platform as a service” enables the full...
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The Perfect Part – Digital part production helps machine builders understand how each change to part design impacts the larger manufacturing process.This is achieved...

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IMD January 2022

Is Manufacturing Making Progress? Exploring the Current State of the Workforce Skills Gap; On TRAK to Industry 4.0 - TRAK Machine Tools brings digitalization to job shops; Advanced rotary surface grinders enable efficiently…

Current Quarterly

IMDQ Quarter 4 – 2021

Manufacturers Demand Automated Solutions. Cobots Improve Productivity and Labor Utilization. Automation in Manufacturing and Machine-Assisted Workforce. The Path Towards Digitalization and The Future

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IMD June 2021

As machinists, fabricators, and other manufacturing professionals continue to return to work, Industrial Machinery Digest’s Annual Supplier’s Directory is this year’s go-to source for the top product and service providers in the industry.